My name's Melissa Crane and I'm currently a fourth year Marketing major pursuing a certificate in New Media at the University of Georgia. I am extremely passionate about my studies and about the marketing field in general, but I'll let my resume tell you all about that. My other interests are all over the place; I love all things related to animals, outdoor adventuring, music, gardening, and supporting an unhealthy addiction to Taco Bell.

This website began as part of a project to teach myself how to code, but it has since transformed into a personal portfolio of sorts. You can get a little taste of my design style, writing abilities, and strategic thinking as you explore. If you are interested in getting to know me further, or would like to discuss a business opportunity with me, please feel free to connect with me on social media or reach out to me via email.


"Coolest girl I've ever met."

-Man Living Under Rock

"Man, does that girl sort of know how to code a website!"

-Bill Gates

"Definitely my favorite child."

-My Mom

melissa k crane
melissa k crane
melissa k crane